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Woman Mother Child Hub

LOCATION : Metz Thionville, France
PROGRAMME : Public hospital Design and construction of the maternity hospital.
AREA : 20,200 m²
CLIENT : CH Metz Thionville
PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Agent company: Demathieu et Bard. Architect: AIA Associés Engineering and project economics: AIA Ingénierie Environmental expertise: AIA Studio Environnement
DESIGN : Project competition winner 2005
COST : €33 million excluding taxes
The aim was to voice - simply and effectively -  the user values which enable the Centre Hospitalier de Metz to fulfill its public interest mission to serve the sick, all while guaranteeing the optimal management of its resources. To do so, the following crucial strategic orientations of the Maternity Hospital programme were taken into account:
- The management of its relationship with the new hospital and its integration into a quality-focused environment.
- The management of its patients, thanks to simple, visible circuits within an easy-to-use space, both for users and staff.
- The management of the modular and scalable character of its different hospital spaces, enabling the maternity hospital to adapt to the sanitary and social developments of tomorrow.
The public is accessible easily and directly from the main hall, which brings together the two public entrances and organises immediate and specific access routes leading to the maternity or paediatrics areas. Distributed equidistant to the three functional spaces  and away from public access flows, two hubs - one dedicated to bed-ridden patients and the other to logistics - establish a relationship between the different entities of the new maternity hospital. The landscape is omnipresent throughout the project, from the public reception in the belvedere to the various terraces and loggias which promote this connection with the environment.