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Waste Sorting Center

LOCATION : Paris, France
PROGRAMME : Waste treatment Capacity: 15,000 tonnes/year
AREA : Area: 10,675 m² GFA
CLIENT : SYCTOM urban waste management agency
PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Architect: AIA Associés Engineering: GIRUS (commissioned)
DESIGN : Project competition winner 2005
COST : €27.9 million excluding taxes

Building the first household waste sorting centre in Paris' 15th Arrondissement is a real challenge. An urban, green and banner building, the sorting centre is by no means an isolated project. Not only it is the first of its kind in Paris, it is also the city's first ecocentre. HQE-certified, constructed with recyclable materials and using photovoltaic panels (to generate electricity and sterile hot water), the centre benefits from careful landscaping, guaranteeing its perfect integration into a dense urban environment.  The exceptional layout on two levels allows green spaces to be freed up, and optimised transport routing. The project also offers an educational tour open to the public, to raise awareness of waste issues.