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Robert Schuman Hospital

LOCATION : Metz, France
PROGRAMME : Private hospital
AREA : 49,600 m2
CLIENT : Private hospitals of Metz
PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Commissioned architect: AIA Associés Engineering and project economics: AIA Ingénierie OPC: AIA Management
DESIGN : 2005
Délais : 33 months
COST : €82.3 million excluding taxes (as of 2006) Value of the works: €65 million excluding taxes
The Robert Schuman Hospital, in the centre of the town of Metz, is the result of bringing together the town's three private non-profit hospitals: Sainte Blandine, Saint-André and Belle-Isle. 
The architectural concept is based on the physical distinction of the major functional entities of the project, and in particular on the face-off between the technical facilities and the accommodation. It gains its strength from the quite specific integration of the project into its environment: the hospital's general ground plan fits naturally into the flow of the landscape. In a similar way to feudal mottes, the land forms concentric layers enabling the various project entities to be organised in different layers: access, parking, gardens and plazas. The accommodation is laid out over a plateau-garden, spread in "open book" shapes over the landscape. An inner street links the accommodation and technical facilities entities and constitutes the backbone of the project. This defines the different activities of the building and is intended to direct members of the public into the different accommodation areas. It provides meaning to the project by bringing light and movement into the heart of the hospital. 
Much more than an architectural grouping, the Hospital Robert Schuman becomes one with the surrounding countryside and creates a connection between the town and countryside.
From the point of view of the implementation of the work site, the complexity of this project lay not so much in the design of the major structural works, but in the more complex ancillary works. A number of particular elements of the architectural project required a specific phasing: the set-up of pre-fabricated sanitary partitions, as well as specific locations (the amphitheatre, kitchens, restaurant, multi-faith worship area). 
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