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New Nantes Clinics

LOCATION : Nantes, France
PROGRAMME : Private hospital
AREA : 61,000 m²
PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Commissioned architect: AIA Associés Engineering and project economics: AIA Ingénierie OPC: AIA Management
DELIVERY : 1975 and 2007
Délais : Clinic 26 months Building A 20 months Building G-H 24 months
COST : €50 million excluding taxes
 The first part of the project, completed in 2003, brings several clinics together onto a new site to create an institution with approximately 300 beds. The architecture of the building and the layout of its premises go hand-in-hand with the new organisational spirit which drives the care and medical teams. The desire to focus on the qualities of uniqueness, evolution, humanity, safety, functionality and performance provided heavily influenced the design of the building.
Located on a remarkable site at the confluence of the Loire and the Sevre, the project comprises a main building, connected at each level with a 5-floor satellite building intended for consultations. The layout of the different components allows for the future expansion of any of them, with no major constraints.
 Two kinds of land reserves were prepared beforehand for the second part, which was finally delivered in 2009.  These notably allowed an increase in areas dedicated to A&E, radiology, additional operating theatres and to the Centre for Physical Medicine and of Rehabilitation.