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Monaco, Princess Grace Hospital

PROGRAMME : Public hospital Reconstruction of the Nouveau Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace: - Complete hospital: MCO (Medicine - Surgery - Obstetrics), FME Hub (Woman-Mother-Child) and Emergencies. - 20 operating theatres - 394 beds and places - restaurant, pharmacy, administration, kitchens laundry - 650-space public parking
AREA : 85,000 m2 work surface, 394 beds and places
CLIENT : Principality of Monaco, Ministry of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development. Assistant to the Contracting Authority: ICADE PROMOTION
PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Architect: AIA Associés Monaco architect: Natacha Morin Innocenti Project contractor: AECOM Engineering technical consultants - Fluids, Roads and Utility Services, Summary, CSSI & Economics: AIA Ingénierie OPC: AIA Management Technical Consultants - Structure and Equipment élévateurs: Tractebel Engineering Environmental expertise: AIA Studio environment Landscaping: AIA Studio Paysages
DESIGN : Competition winner 2013
Délais : 139 months
COST : €358 million excluding taxes (value as of January 2013)

The new hospital stands in a setting midway between the urban and natural, on a ridge high above the Bay of Monaco, in symbiosis with its unique location. The architects are transforming the existing hospital into a balcony over the sea, all while maintaining continuity of care. Their design provides spacious, effective and scalable working areas thanks to the landscaped pedestal, which allows land area savings as well as effective access route management. The building rises above this pedestal, raising open arches over a vast belvedere which towers above the sea on one side, and over the entrance area on the other. Towards the sky and the mountains, the architectural plan of the building blossoms in a corolla, with sea views from the majority of the rooms, and openings, interior patios, and sources of natural light right in the heart of the hospital.  These apertures and roof areas are home to landscaped hanging gardens inspired by the Exotic Garden of Monaco. There are public spaces in the forecourt of the belvedere, and also set aside for patients on the upper terraces. A white awning protects the façade. Made up of suspended parasol slats, the awning undulates gently as though blown by the breeze. Bringing to mind a draped cloth, it protects the openings oriented towards the sea and the horizon. It exudes an image of grace, and endows the building with a poetic, iconic dimension. This envelope allows the air to circulate, and filters out the rays of the sun, fulfilling an essential thermal role. With its innovative approach, the architectural focus of this health facility is to provide the best technical and functional responses to patient service and quality of care, while also proposing ambitious environmental solutions. It is the result of a re-imagination of the architectural expression of a hospital. 

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