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Medical Institute

LOCATION : Breteuil
PROGRAMME : ehpad / psy / ssr Centre for Follow-up Care and Rehabilitation
AREA : 8,800 m2
CLIENT : The Noble Age
PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Architect: AIA Associés Engineering and project economics: AIA Ingénierie OPC: AIA Management Environmental expertise AIA Studio Environnement
DESIGN : 2008
Délais : 30 months
COST : €11 million excluding taxes
This project aims to form a care services cluster by establishing a 120-bed Centre for Follow-up Care and Rehabilitation, a ten-place outpatient day-care unit, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and balneotherapy technology facilities, and an administration centre.
The architectural design of the project primarily reflects the surrounding site, which constitutes a veritable screen of greenery around the abbey and the river in a natural ensemble which should be preserved, with a wealth of existing pathways and remarkable plant life. The design is also the result of an analysis of the rough-hewn surroundings and the need for a quality constructed space imprinted with a strong identity. The unifying axis relies on an alignment of the façades of the abbey and of the project, reinforced by the excavation to the right of the main entrance, which constitutes the entrance piazza to the establishment, along with landscaping which marries rock with plant life, and enables drop-offs as close as possible to the main hall. The project is organised around three bodies of buildings, the articulation of which follows the meanderings of the river.
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