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Jules Verne Clinic

LOCATION : Nantes, France
PROGRAMME : Private hospital Consolidation of two maternity units and two surgical clinics in the commercial private and approved sectors. Consolidation of 300 beds or positions
AREA : 27,900 m²
CLIENT : Union des Mutuelles de Loire Atlantique
PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Commissioned architect: AIA Associés Engineering and project economics: AIA Ingénierie OPC: AIA Management
Délais : 27 months
COST : €45.9 million excluding taxes

The Jules-Verne Clinic forms part of the health policy set out in the regional health organisation scheme for the Pays-de-Loire, which is intended to re-organise care provision in the greater Nantes area. Located on the site of La Haluchère, on the eastern exit from Nantes, the Clinique has been designated the city's eastern medical hub, one of three hubs listed (as well as the CHU), involved in the consolidation of private institutions.