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ISSEANE Waste Sorting and Recovery Centre

LOCATION : Issy les Moulineaux, France
PROGRAMME : Waste treatment Capacity: 460,000 tonnes/year
AREA : Area: 51,008 m2 , 3.8 ha (plot)
CLIENT : SYCTOM - Greater Paris
PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Architect: AIA Associés, Dubosc et Landowski.
DESIGN : Project competition winner 2000
COST : Investment: €650 million excluding taxes

The privileged location of the site of the new household waste Sorting and Recovery Centre, on the banks of the Seine, a few kilometres from the Eiffel Tower and at the gateway to the Département des Hauts de Seine, along a very busy shore path, endows this new facility with a particular character and a specific signage task. In order to meet the significant constraints of its context, as well as to reduce the visual and auditory impact of the project, the building is built 31 metres below ground level, allowing the creation of green spaces around the street- level structures. All movements occur below ground, significantly reducing the impact of operations on neighbouring residents. The façades are punctuated with recyclable materials (wood, steel, glass) as well as hanging gardens and climbing plants. A maximum of local resources is used, exploiting the proximity of the Seine for transportation: from the routing of processing elements to the removal of clinker by river. The thermal energy produced at the site as part of the transformation of the waste is converted into urban heating.

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