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Institute Gustave Roussy

LOCATION : Villejuif, France
PROGRAMME : Laboratories Sequential reconstruction and extension over 40 months. Creation of laboratories, a consultation area, an operating block, intensive care, sterilisation and medical and surgical day hospitals.
AREA : 31,000 m2
CLIENT : Institut Gustave Roussy
PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Commissioned architect: AIA Associés Engineering and project economics: AIA Ingénierie / Ingérop
DESIGN : 1999
COST : €47 million excluding taxes

The proposed design seeks to give the Institut Gustave Roussy a more human identity. A leading French centre in the fight against cancer, it acts as a reference and fulfils a specific mission in France's fight against cancer. Today, the massive appearance of the Institute gives it a rather austere, even "inhospitable" image, without attempting to erase either the tension of the building underneath its glass and metal skin, or the rawness of the antennae which it extends skywards.