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Hospital Mother-and-Child Hub

LOCATION : Cholet, France
PROGRAMME : Public hospital
AREA : 9,336 m2
CLIENT : CH Cholet
PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Commissioned architect: AIA Associés Engineering: AIA Ingénierie OPC: AIA Management Environmental expertise: AIA Studio Environnement
Délais : 29 months

The CH Cholet medical facility is located on an urban axis, the Avenue des Sables, a major artery in Cholet. Located between a residential area to the east and a commercial area and residential high-rises to the north, it stamps itself on area of the town, a monument to a somewhat basic approach to hospital construction. The public façade of the entrance building, without comprising its excellent functionality, does little to highlight and advertise a warm, welcoming to the hospital, thanks to its austere planning, severe architecture, minimal landcaped space. The addition of the Women-Parents-Children Parents Pavilion project will thus open up the site by offering a new address which, even if it is not visible from the Avenue des Sables, gives the establishment a new image - more welcoming, more contemporary, and which minimises the concept of a purely hospital-focused venue.