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Hospital Centre - Melun

LOCATION : Melun, France
PROGRAMME : Public hospital 507 beds
AREA : 51,000 m²
CLIENT : Marc Jacquet Hospital Centre
PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Design/Construction: Agent company: BESIX-NFC Architect: AIA Associés Engineering, HQE & project economics: AIA Ingénierie
DESIGN : Project competition winner 2010
This joint project between the Marc Jacquet Hospital and the Clinique des Fontaines is the largest public / private sector cooperation project in France. Although each entity retains its own buildings, the pooling of technical resources (logistics, heating and even air treatment) enables greater efficiency. Medical activity is harmoniously distributed throughout: general medicine and medical specialisations, oncology, paediatrics, gynaecology and obstetrics, emergencies and psychiatry at the hospital; cardiology and scheduled surgery at the clinic. Emergency surgery is spread between the two entities.
The project has to overcome three challenges:
- Urban: To become a major component in the renewal of Melun as well as of the northern approaches to the town,
- Health: To receive and treat patients in a medically safe and architecturally appropriate environment. 
- Social: To anticipate and prepare for the future through the organisation, design and control of its energy consumption.