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EHPAD Viviani

LOCATION : Nantes, France
PROGRAMME : ehpad / psy / ssr 100 rooms: 4 living units (including 1 for dependent patients and those with high levels of care), catering and common areas
AREA : 5,244 m²
CLIENT : ICADE - ORPEA, partners
PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Commissioned architect: AIA Associés Engineering and project economics: AIA Ingénierie
COST : €1.9 million excluding taxes
The Résidence Viviani is located on the Ile de Nantes, a vast island area of renewment urban. Modelled on a townhouse, it is integrated into and visible in the urban landscape, and is home to living spaces. With its "heads and tails" layout, it evokes a journey to meet man and woman at a key moment of life.
Heads - the town side: on its public side, the building looks like a large ship shrouded in white. Its hull outlines a prow figure which looks out over the town and its heartbeat.
Tails - the garden side: on its more private side, the building becomes organic and tactile. An L-shape for warmth and sunlight from the south, a "forest" tone to mark the passage of time, and an inner garden to escape the bustle of the city.