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Bourgès Center

LOCATION : Castelnau, France
PROGRAMME : Neurological functional re-education 80 beds Re-educational technical facilities External consultations Day hospital Logistics, administration, restaurant, parking.
AREA : 7,440 m² GFA
PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Commissioned architect: AIA Associés Engineering and project economics: AIA Ingénierie OPC: AIA Management Landscaping: AIA Studio Paysage
Délais : 18 months
COST : €10.7 million excluding taxes

The institution is located in the township of Castelnau, in the suburbs of Montpellier, within a services sub-division. The facility is laid out around a large central patio/garden, which forms a junction between the two hospital wings, arranged in a square, as well as the technical facilities, all of which are connected by means of large spaces allowing free patient wheelchair movement. The buildings have a light mineral look, and consist of simple volumes in which light showcases the simplicity of the openings. Wooden highlights on the facades underline the horizontal nature of the street-facing lines. The low-lying volume of the technical facility to the rear, sheltered under its curved grey metal roof, is fully dressed in wood and glass to ensure its harmonious integration into the garden. Particular care has been taken with the open spaces, with light and with colours as well as the treatment of the different gardens; this contributes to the sense of serenity needed for this living space.

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