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Aréna 92

LOCATION : Nanterre, France
PROGRAMME : Culture / leisure Stadium with removable roof, 40,000-seat auditorium, offices, conference room, VIP areas, restaurants, RIE, parking.
AREA : 92,980 m² of which offices: 20,000 m² GFA
PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Architect: AIA Associés + Intens-City Associate architect: Jean-Pierre Buffi Engineering + Economics - TCE + HQE: AIA Ingénierie
DESIGN : Project finalist, 2011 contest
COST : €265 million excluding taxes
A highlight of the extension of the axis line from La Défense to Nanterre, the ARENA stadium is also a centre for events and life, and is the first new milestone in this new district. The project establishes a powerful connection with the Grand Arch, monument to monument, and marks its presence in the area. They share the sobriety of their white volumes, the rigour of their lines ... their timelessness. A city landmark, it marries polished marble with the vibrations of its white screen-printed glass skin - a rock floating above the town, levitating over the ground as a continuity of its free spaces. The stadium transforms into an auditorium with configurations ranging from 6,000 to 40,000 seats. 
The building also wears a third crown - modular BBc with a surface area of 20,000 m², as well as ancillary functions: restaurants, retail outlets, parking, multi-purpose hall, etc. 
Its institutional location on Paris' historic axis, the architectural cleanliness of its simple volumes and immaculate façades make it a major anchoring edifice in Nanterre, an urban lighthouse.
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